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Buying property in Thailand, whether its land, a serviced apartment or a house, can offer good value for money in comparison to prices in the US and Europe, although prices in some areas have risen dramatically in recent years. Thailand's land costs can be lower, building and maintenance is cheaper, cost of ownership (taxes, utilities) is very low, and although there are 'horror stories' associated with buying property here (as in every country in the world), the overwhelming majority of all real estate deals go through legally and smoothly.

Property Consultancy & Legal Advice

When purchasing a condominium, commercial building or land for development, as in most countries, different laws, conditions and restrictions may apply, particularly in the case of foreign ownership. Therefore you must carefully consider the presence you take, which again depends greatly on your overall goal.

Leverage the resources, knowledge and expertise of our affiliate legal partners. Through our affiliate consulting company D&G Consulting Co., Ltd, Casabaan have well established working relationships with various local and international law companies, who ensure that our activities and those of our clients not only comply with local and international laws, but also with the laws from your country of birth. Working with us ensures you total compliance to all laws which apply to your unique personal circumstances and to the legal ownership and management of your asset in the Kingdom of Thailand .

When doing business in Asia it is also important to take into account that Asians live by different values than one might be used to in a western culture. Presenting yourself professionally and in a manner which complies with Thai law and culture, will earn you respect, which often provide advantages. Therefore we recommend working with consultants that are familiar with these matters, getting yourself the best possible advice and smooth settlement of affairs.

Our partner for Consulting Services: D&G Consulting Co., Ltd.



Access and utility related costs are vital considerations particularly with ‘raw' project land. Time consuming and bogged down with bureaucracy and red tape, to say the least. Getting a telephone line can take a number of months, particularly now as growth on the island and applications for such services increase at a rate which the service providers hardly can keep up with creating an inevitable back log. Hi-speed internet is relatively new to the island and currently only available in certain locations. We are aware of all the nuances and can ensure your asset is wired up, switched on and ready for occupation without distress.

You may require to sub-divide your land for a development project, each new plot would require independent water, drainage, power and communications supplies and necessary licenses and permits. Also, all new concrete roads require planning approval and may require negotiations with several land owners and local officials, this is an area in which we have experienced and expertise.

Together with our affiliate consultancy company D&G Consulting and our construction partner InnovAsian , we can accelerate the process and cut through the red tape and bureaucracy to ensure your project meets its deadline.

We know the timings, we know the costs , and we have the contacts to take care of these services even if you've left it until the last minute.

Our partner for Design & Project Management: InnovAsian

Finance & Investment

With a clear understanding of your project, milestones, budget and overall vision, Casabaan can effectively suggest and instruct the ideal investment that matches your needs and budget, ensuring the start of your project, acquisition of your new home and induction to business in Thailand is smooth, whilst working with a like minded experienced advisor from start to finish.
The age old adage location, location, location is a property purchasing philosophy which must never be forgotten. Casabaan guarantees variety and value whatever your requirements and needs from your asset may be. Even if you are unsure of the precise location within the Kingdom, with a clear understanding of your projects needs and goals, we can advise you on the best possible location to achieve those needs and goals in full.
As foreign ownership in Thailand has become more and more popular, Bangkok Bank (Singapore) now offer home loans for non-residents who can borrow upto 80% of the asset value at competitive lending rates

The application is simple and you will be required to present the following documents in order to qualify, if you are a home owner in your country of residence, it may not be necessary to present all of the documents:

01. Completed Mortgage Loan Application Form
02. Copy of identification card (front and back)/ passport
03. Signed copy of Sales & Purchase Agreement
04. Employer’s letter addressed to Bangkok Bank Public Co Ltd (Singapore) confirming position, years of service and remuneration
05. Bank’s Reference letter addressed to Bangkok Bank Public Co Ltd (Singapore) confirming banking relationship, conduct/ type of account and size of loan/ deposit with the bank.
06. Bank statements over the past 6 months
07. Income Tax Return from the last 2 years.
08. Balance sheets and profit and loss statements from the last 2 years (for self-employed borrower)
09. Credit Bureau Report from country of residence
10. Others upon request.

We can provide a variety of options for developers of resorts, commercial and residential units for re-sale through our network of National, Local and Provincial leaders, Asset managers, Banks, Land developers, Asset and business owners, brokers and agents. Naturally we will conduct all checks with the relevant Government agencies to ensure the validity of the transaction and that you are not left holding ownership deeds fit for wallpapering … an all to common story which is so easily avoided with the right advice.
Our company has always prided itself on value, obtaining value and providing it. Our value on value leads to a natural progression which gives us the strength to consistently provide you with the maximum opportunity to achieve high capital appreciation from your asset, or to reduce the bottom line of your development project by getting it right from the get go …!


Marketing & Sales

To make a real estate development a success, there is more needed than a good product alone. The marketing and sales machine behind the project is as equally important. At Casabaan we understand that the right type of marketing is critical for a product to succeed and therefore we have our own marketing and sales engine.

We can take on the entire marketing and sales process for you. Together with our local contact we execute targeted campaigns, giving the project a better chance to succeed and speed up the sales process as well. Our Marketing & Sales services include: management of sales enquiries, web based marketing campaigns, international advertising, exhibitions, and more.

We also provide the opportunity to benefit from our vast database of over 60,000 international investors for project finance or utilizing our vast sales experience, our network and our knowledge in the local and international real estate markets to promote and sell for you.

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